CTP Awesomeness – Goto Definition

If you’ve used Visual Studio for a few years you’ve probably memorized all the shortcuts and methods for navigating source code. For example, if some XML looks unruly just press CTRL+K+D to automatically format the document. (If you’re interested in learning more Visual Studio tips, Sara Ford's blog is a must read.)

Anyway, I am happy to inform you that the F# CTP will have a much appreciated shortcut: Goto Definition. A feature written by an intern this summer, Kyle Ross.

So the next time you are in the bowels of some heinous F# code and what to know just what exactly that value you’re looking at, simply right click and select Goto Definition on the context menu. (Or you can press F12.)

Using Goto Defintion you can go from confusion …


… to clarification


Having used GotoDefintion since Kyle checked it in a few weeks ago, I really can’t imagine living without it. Check it out.