Cool Developers STILL use Speech APIs

My apologies that there have been no new posts on this blog for nearly a year.  Because my personal and professional lives have taken a new direction, my Microsoft blog will be closing.

I highly recommend the Speech @ Microsoftblog for more up-to-date information on Microsoft’s speech technologies.

Also, Rob’s Rhapsodyis a good blog maintained by Microsoft’s Rob Chambers.

You can to email the Speech product team at Microsoft as well: for speech recognition questions, and for speech synthesis and Text-to-Speech (TTS) queries.

The best place for developers to get the Speech SDK samples and documentation is the Windows SDK.  Download all or just part of it.  You can email your SAPI related questions to

If you’re interested in contacting me personally, you can email me at or . Search the internet for Charles Oppermann OR ChuckOp and you’ll generally find me. I hope to hear from you!

Speech technology is incredibly enabling and is now mainstream and accepted by users. The technology is easily available to developers, so go forth and add the power of the human voice to your application!

Charles Oppermann giving presentation on Microsoft Windows

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