Another Zune...

I decided to replace my wife's original iPod shuffle (1GB) with one of the new 8Gb Zunes.  She used her iPod at the gym and while out walking etc... and yesterday called me up and said she was fed up with not being able to charge it without iTunes installed (for some crazy reason it wont charge while in 'disk' mode or something) and she refused to install iTunes.  Now that is what I call a loyal wife of a microsoftie!! :)  + she has been jealous of my Zune for a while now.

I have a Zune 30Gb and a Zune Pass for an all you can eat music subscription.  That allows you to have 3 devices associated with it ... so I can have my Zune filled with music as well as hers all under the same subscription.

Now this is an awesome drawcard: If you have not already seen it check out  You can customise your player that you buy with laser engraving on the back (picture + text if you like) It adds a nice personal touch to the player.

So here is a shot from the site of my wife's new Zune:


I didn't go for any text ... but I think the ability to customise like this is really cool.  Oh yeah ... and for you oldies like me who listen to the radio in the mornings like I do ... it has an FM tuner in there too.  Hey what can i say ... i like listening to the news on public radio in the morning (you actually get reasonable international news on there ... unlike TV).