Cleanse - Day 1

Somehow i managed to get roped into a 4 day long digestive tract cleanse.

With so much "modern" food being so highly processed and refined you apparently end up with your digestive tract in a state of disrepair. Apparently this results in the degraded ability to absorb nutrients etc... as food processes.

The aim of this 4 day cleanse is to clean out your system and effectively get it back in proper working order.

So ... i have no real idea what this is going to do to me ... but many people before have done this and swear by it.

Here are the basics:

- No eating food for 4 days (radical i know)

- Drinking at least 1.5 liters of juice and water per day

- A "meal" of herbs and extracts (will get into these more another day) morning, noon and night

- Emema twice a day !

- Lots of rest and relaxation

- Plenty of time in the bathroom contemplating life and half your body leaves you.

I will get into more of the details another day ... but for today ... day one ... my breakfast consisted of juice from my newly purchased juicer and a concoction of herbs.

I think this is mad ... but will give it a go and report back :)