Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 - Q & A Part 1

Part 1 answering some of the comments on my previous post about Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007:

Q. "granularity of permissions on lists/doclibs?"
A. We have item level permissions now! Wahoo. So down to a doucment, list item or folder. (you can have folders in lists now also)

Q. "backup/restore of individual (sp)webs WITH permissions?"
A. We still rely on STSADM for backup and restore. So still no sub web backups i think.

Q. "security trimming of UI, is it everywhere or just certain places?"
A. Everywhere. From the frontend UI through to site admin screens.

Q. "level of webdav compliance better? SSL please -- xp sp2 disables basic auth for webclient on http"
A. hmmm not sure on this one.

Q. "event handlers: anything new?"
A. We now have synchronous events as well as async events! So you get events for things that are about to happen :) We also now have the ability to have event handlers on lists as well as doucment libraries.

Q. "the CAML beast -- throw us all a bone here, are we getting a decent designer soon?"
A. CAML is still used ... however it is in less places. For views you will still need to use CAML.

Q. "a remotable object model -- [serializable] anyone?"
A. Still need to use the Web services for this.

Q. "delete alerts: who deleted -- possible (maybe this works in sp2) ?"
A. yup.

Q. "infopath forms without infopath client?"
A. Yes. This really is totally awesome. No ActiveX required just HTML and javascript.

Q. "is the ugly as hell fpse 2002 wse 50 inspired management ui gone yet?"
A. If you mean the site management screens etc... then yes ... there is a totally new management UI

Q. "better function support in calculated columns?" & "allow lookup fields in calculated columns?"
A. hmm ... not sure on this ... will check it out.