Nagambie and New Rig

Jezz, Simon and I are off to Skydive Nagambie's Easter Boogie again this year. This will be the one year anniversary of me learning up skydive! It was at the Easter boogie last year that i took my first free fall.

To commemorate the occasion i will be jumping my newly purchased rig (see below).

Some things i have learnt in my first year jumping:

  • It is as safe as most things you are properly trained in. Less dangerous than most activities.
  • Most people just freak out when they talk about skydiving ... only having preconceptions of what it is like ... and how dangerous it is... most of them are wrong.
  • Never loose respect for skydiving or you are likely to make a mistake
  • The skydiving community is fantastic and a great bunch of people
  • It is a unique feeling that i cant equate to anything else i have experienced
  • I have always had 'flying' dreams and skydiving comes pretty close.
  • Everyone should try it ... even just once.