New Smartphone 2

To my delight when i got back to the office after my holiday a nice new i-Mate Smartphone 2 was sitting there! 

After having used it for a few days now i am pretty happy with it. One annoying thing is when it is docked it keeps asking if i want to use the pass through connection. Not sure why ... but if anyone knows how to solve this please tell me! 

Other than that it is a really great device. Not sure it will stand up to the same punishment that my old Nokia 6310 did ... but then again it does to a WHOLE lot more.

I never really got into the whole PDA thing. To big and bulky. Fine when you are working .. but a pain in a ass when you are out and about on the weekend etc... So the PDA in a phone thing is doing it for me big time. I never really was a big composer of email while on the go ... and so the lack of stylus and touch screen is really not that big of a deal for me. Reading email, calendar and contacts is the biggest thing .... and having it all sync with Exchange Active Sync RULES!

No more phone and PDA ... or PDA sized phone .... i love the fact that it is only slightly fatter than my 6310 ... but packs all the punch of the Pocket PC.