New whitepaper up on WSS/SPS SP2

Finally its out! For some time there has been quite a bit of confusion about ASP.Net 2.0 & the .Net framework 2.0 support in SPS/WSS SP2.

This whitepaper explains exactly what scenarios are & are not supported.  It is a bit tricky as SPS does not support as much 2.0 stuff as WSS ...which has caused some confusion.

This whitepaper has been on the boil for a while and now you can check it out here:

So: If you want to do some .Net 2.0 development for WSS/SPS i suggest to read up.


This white paper describes features that are included in Microsoft® SharePoint® Portal Server 2003 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services Service Pack 2 (SP2) . It also provides best practices and guidance about how you can architect your solutions considering the current and future versions of SharePoint Products and Technologies.