Post TechEd 2006 withdrawal

Arrived back from TechEd NZ and Aussie on Friday night. What a great week! So many great sessions in the Office track. Came home more tired than when I left but it was all good. Thanks to all those who attended my sessions. Scores in so far were good ... and attendance was great. Thanks again.

Some highlights:

Wellington SharePoint Users Group: Great to see this starting up. Nice work Chan for getting this started. Get involved here: (PS: this is moving to WSS V3 shortly)

SharePoint Champions: New site (should be up shortly)

My external hard drive being held hostage at TechEd Aussie: I left my External HDD in the speakers room and it got taken hostage. See the store unfold here:

Blame Angus: For those who know Angus Logan from MS Aussie ... a new movement started in honour of Angus. T-Shirts were created at TechEd and Fitz & I even went as far as wearing them on stage. All fun and games ... watch this space.