SharedView is very cool.

Every once in a while I am blown away by something.  Not because it is the latest and greatest, but because it does what it does in such a simple and easy to use way... this is one of those things.

SharedView is a very nifty little remote application sharing tool.  I was shown it yesterday when someone I was working with in New Zealand wanted to share an application with me.

There are quite a few options out there for this scenario ... however what struck me was how simple it was to set up and get running!  Not only that but I was behind a corporate firewall and i imagine the chap I was sharing with was too.  Its clever about doing things over port 80 if it cant do it other ways.  Very nice.

1. Install the client (small download 3.5Mb)

2. Start the client

3. Sign in with your Windows Live ID

4. Start a sharing session.

All you have to do is email your counterparts a URL they click on to join the session.

It was so simple I am moving my parent's (who live in New Zealand) remote helpdesk (i.e. ME!) to this.  If I think my parents could do it ... it must mean it is an easy to use app.

Very impressed.