Class Designer Hands on Lab in TechEd 2005

I will be attending this year's Microsoft TechEd in Orlando Florida from 6/6~6/10. There's a HandsOnLab (HOL007 in ARC07 track) for the Class Designer beta2 bits which you can try it out. I will also be spending 25 hrs in the ARC cabana booth. That's like 4~5 hrs a day. Please swing by and we can chat on features, ideas about Class Designer.  

Speaking of HandsOnLabs, the following hands on labs are also from our team.

1. ARC01-HOL001: "Using the Distribution System Designer to visually design and validate service-oriented system"

2. ARC02-HOL002: "Using Application Designer to design your Web Service Architecture"

3. ARC03-HOL003: "Using the Logical Datacenter Designer for Configuration and Deployment"

4. ARC04-HOL004: "Build a Domain Specific Language Designer Using the DSL Tools"

You might want to check them out...

Patrick Tseng

Visual Studio Class Designer Team