BA changes in NAV 4.00 SP3

So we released SP3 for NAV 4.00. For Business Analytics this means a few things. First and most important we now are able to support SQL Server 2005 with the Configurator. This means that you now can create cubes from NAV 4.00 SP3 on SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. This also means that the version of Business Analytics Advanced can't connect the cubes that can be created with the new version of the Configurator. In SP3 we didn't release the next version of the Advanced Client but we will do that as soon as possible.

First the W1 version which is in English will be released. After that, probably in the 5.00 timeframe, localized versions of the Advanced Client will be released. Until then there are plenty of other ways to consume the cubes that can be created with the new Configurator. Excel, Reporting Services, Report Builder, Proclarity and Business Scorecard Manager are all good examples of clients that can connect and consume the cubes on SQL 2005.

I will follow this with a series of posts on how to set up these components to connect to cubes on SQL 2005 so stay tuned