New SQL editing and versioning tool for Access


 I just got an email from Andrew Wrigley, an member of the UK Access users group, about a new tool he has developed for editing SQL. You all might find this interesting--Access SQL editing tools are so lame. I haven't used it but the screen shots look super interesting.

Wingspan Swift SQL is a SQL Editing and Versioning tool for Microsoft Access. It brings SQL editing out of the dark ages and into the 21st century and makes up for Visual Source Safe's lack of versioning for individual Access queries.

It formats SQL strings to make them readable by humans, Find and Replace, 'intellisense' for table and query field names, you can add comments to SQL, you can test changes without overwriting the current SQL of your query, store multiple versions of each query and much, much, more.

You can review it (video tutorials, etc) at:

It works with Access 2K +, and uses com Add-In technology to make itself available directly from Access' interface. (I need to adapt it to the Ribbon, but it works fine in Access 2007).