The runtime and developer extensions will be FREE!

This morning we are announcing that the developer extensions and runtime will be available for FREE! In the past, Access developers had to purchase the Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Office System in order to build and deploy runtime solutions. The product was costly at nearly $800 for the full version and $550 for the upgrade. This really is great news for Access developers.

We are still working on the finishing touches--I don't have a definite release date but rest assured the team is working hard to finish the work.

Here are a couple screen shots and the article. Enjoy!

Save As Template 

Package Solution Wizard

Package Solution Wizard Page 2

Introducing the Access 2007 Developer Extensions and Runtime

Shortly after the release to the general public of Microsoft Office Access 2007, Microsoft will make available the Access 2007 Developer Extensions and the Access 2007 Runtime. For the first time, both programs will be available as FREE downloads.

Access 2007 Developer Extensions

  • Package Solution
    This is a wizard that will create a Windows Installer Package (MSI) to install your database, any supporting files, and optionally include the Access 2007 Runtime or prompt the user to download the Access 2007 Runtime.
  • Save As Template
    This allows creating database templates (ACCDTs) that can be featured in the Access 2007 Getting Started screen.
  • Source Code Control
    Integration with Microsoft Visual Source Safe or other source code control systems to allow check-in/check-out of queries, forms, reports, macros, modules, and data. You can also see the differences that have been made to your checked out objects.

The Access 2007 Developer Extensions will not include the Property Scanner and the Customer Startup Wizard that were included in previous versions.

Microsoft Office Access 2007 Runtime

Access 2007 provides a rich platform for developing database management solutions with easy to use customization tools. If no end user customization is required (including report modifications), you may choose to distribute those Access 2007 solutions so that they run without requiring a full installation of Access 2007. You must package and distribute your application with the Access 2007 Runtime. The Access 2007 Runtime is similar to previous runtimes in that all design-related UI is either removed or disabled. However, there is one major change: we will be offering the Access 2007 Runtime as a free download, just like we have done for the Snapshot Viewer in the past. You will not need to buy any special SKU in order to redistribute the Access 2007 Runtime. You can freely redistribute it or just point people to the download on

Download Locations

Links to the download locations will be posted on Office Online and the Access Developer Portal on MSDN, when available.