Mailbox Move Request Diagnostics XML

Looking at Move Request XML's are a great way to view what errors and or problem that can be encountered when migrating mailboxes to O365.


To get the Data:

                Get-MoveRequest <user> | Get-MoveRequestStatistics -IncludeReport | Export-CliXML <user.xml>


Now that we have the data how to we view it?

We simply need to open PowerShell and input the XML as follows.

PS C:\Temp> $move = Import-Clixml "C:\Users\Desktop\MoveRequest.xml"

Next we simple use the above referenced Report commands to get a full list of the issues that can be found with the move request. $move.Report

  • $move |FL
    • This gets the entire list of what occurred during the move.
  • $move.Report.Failures
    • This pulls all the failures, which showed that we had issues with bad items, which caused the move to restart.
  • $move.Report.BadItems
    • This shows the bad items that caused the failures.
  • $move.BadItemLimit
    • Shows that the move was configured to have a 0 bad item limit. Depending on what you are looking for - you can get a LOT more out of the move report than just the .txt output from the Migration Console. You just need to know what to dig into in order to really see what is going on - which just comes with playing around and seeing what is available. I highly advise on getting the Report on ANY move request case that you get, as it is generally the best piece of information to start off with and will give you some key evidence on where to go next if

This will point you in the right direction of where the errors are encountered and what should be done to get them resolved. It is always a good idea to run the following to capture the results in order to sae the data for future reference.

Start-Transcript  - This command will start and save the data output to a location on your computer.

Stop-Transcript  - This command will stop recording the session and will finalize the file that was created.