New Server Management Tool: Project Name "Honolulu"


Bits are available here for download.


I wanted to drop a note to mention that we have a new Server Management Tool that has been being worked on.  This is your sneak preview at what it will look like.  Below are a couple screen shots just to give you a preview.

Project “Honolulu” is the culmination of significant customer feedback, which has directly shaped product direction and investments. With support for both hybrid and traditional disconnected server environments, Project “Honolulu” provides a quick and easy solution for common IT admin tasks with a lightweight deployment.

If you will be attending Ignite, there will be a session on this that you will not want to miss.

 Discover what's new with Windows Server Management experiences
Monday, September 25, 2017 at 4:00pm in OCCC West Hall F1
Presenters: Samuel Li and Jeff Woolslayer

By late next week, a Project “Honolulu” Technical Preview package will be published for everyone to install and use.  This blog with the download link will be updated once it’s available.  Stay tuned!

To get a little more information about this new tool, please view the following blog:

 Sneak peek #4: Introducing Project “Honolulu”, our new Windows Server management experience