Parlano and Persistent Chat

Spent my lunch today looking for VOIP/OCS/OC/Speech/UM/etc. solutions created on our platform in the expo area of Tech Ed 2007.

I had met Bob Serr years ago when I was an ISV Developer Evangelist in Chicago.  From the moment I met Bob, it was easy to see that he was somebody that "gets it".  Parlano, where Bob is the CTO, makes MindAlign, a persistent chat client and server. 

Not only is it a really cool product (if persistent chat is a new concept to you I recommend you read this), but it's built on top of our OCS/OC platform APIs.  It's a great example of what you can do with the platform on the high end.

User driven communictions is absolutely changing the world we live in.  The proliferation of different ways to communicate is amazing.

Is persistent chat in your future?  Read the above and decide.