PDC09 registration open, Unified Communications Futures session posted

Before I joined Microsoft back in 2000, if I could only attend one conference a year it would be the PDC.  The opportunity to get a firsthand look at the future of the Microsoft platform and provide feedback directly to the product teams just couldn’t be passed up.  Other conferences do a great job showing how to get things done today, the PDC is all about how to get things done in the future. 

Now that I’m with Microsoft and in a role where I focus on the future of the Unified Communications Platform, I feel the same way.  I wouldn’t miss PDC09 for anything.  At the PDC last year, we shared details on the platform we released along with Office Communications Server 2007 R2 and Exchange 2010 and provided details on v.Next.

At PDC09, we’ll share specific details v.Next, including the UC product futures (including Office Communications Server, Office Communicator and Exchange) and platform futures (both client and server side) as well as sharing details on early adopter programs.

Details on registering for PDC09 and the Microsoft Unified Communications: Developer Platform Futures can be found on the PDC09 site.  You can watch the UC futures session at PDC08 to get a hint of what is coming.

Let’s get together while we’re there.