UC "14" Developer FAQ

Use this FAQ to help you get started with the next wave of OCS and OC development.  Please ping me with any additions, comments or feedback!

  • Q: What is UC "14"?
  • A: It's the next version of Microsoft Office Communications Server, Microsoft Office Communicator and the platform SDKs that go with those versions.
  • Q: What is new in UC "14"?
  • A: Besides the new OCS and OC features, there is a quite a bit new in the platform.
    • OC "14" - The OC "14" SDK is an all new managed SDK that provides both the ease of use of the OC 2007 SDK (but without the COM interop) and the power of the UCCA API (but without the requirement of creating a new client from the ground up).  New features of this SDK include:
      • OC "14" Controls for Silverlight and WPF - Drag and drop controls that provide presence, contact card, contact list, custom contact list and click to call (including IM and voice).  This gives you the ability to provide the same OC integration you see in Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010.  These controls are part of the SDK and will be fully supported.
      • OC "14" Object Model API - New in this SDK is a managed API that provides access to the full object model behind OC "14".  This API gives you access to presence information, contacts, communications (IM, voice, video, desktop sharing, file sharing, etc.) in a very discoverable and easy to use API.  New in this version of the API is a "UI-Suppresson Mode" where you can integrate OC "14" features into your application withou showing OC "14".  This is a great way to create custom OCS "14" clients with a customer user experience.
      • Contextual Conversations - New in this version is full support for adding application data as context to communications.  For example, you can use the API to launch a voice call and include data from your application (such as a customer ID from your database).  When the call is received, OC "14" can pass that information to your application so you can present the call in an appliation specific way (such as opening the customer record in your application). 
      • Convesation Window Extensions - New in this version is the ability to embed a Silverlight application as part of the conversation window.  Conversation Window Extensions can be launched using conversation context (see above).
      • Conversation Docking - New in this version is the ability to launch or accept an OC "14" conversation and have the conversation window embedded in your application.  This allows users to continue the conversation while working in your applications without having to Alt-Tab between your application and the conversation.
  • Q: Is there any way to get access to the bits before the release?
  • A: Yes, via the early adopter program called UC "14" Metro.  The program starts in Q2 2010.