ALM in Qatar

Thank you all for attending our Application Lifecycle Management session and thanks to the College of the North Atlantic for hosting us!

Most of the images in the first part of the presentation I took from a TechEd session, so if you weren't at the event, skip forward to slide 18 and browse from there: the main presentation starts at slide 20 and the "thought of the day" slide - about how developers spend their time - is number 22 so I'll repeat it here, just in case you get tired of clicking:


That is an amazing thought for both developers burning time as well as organizations investing in custom development. We then moved on to extreme examples of ROI, but the practical reality is somewhere in the middle: Take a look at these productivity gains by a leading Systems Integrator that was made possible with Visual Studio Team System.

I know we spent very little time on the idea of "value up" software development, so take a look at this Channel9 video, Sam Guckenheimer's blog and for practical implementation advice: the comprehensive TFS Guide on

There is a lot to be said for the results of the Security Development Lifecycle at Microsoft, but I would like you to focus your attention on the SDL Optimization Model so your team can gain measurable improvement with a planned change in behavior.

Next time I visit Qatar the stadium slide will have to be updated for Visual Studio 2010, but for now, remember this:



Thanks again for attending, enjoy the slides:

Application Lifecycle Management and Microsoft

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