Buy an app for the whole family

Imagine this scenario. You buy a game for $4.99 and you really like it, but your wife sees you playing it and wants it too. Your options are to a) hand your tablet to your wife (when you're not playing it), b) log your wife into her tablet with your credentials (never the right choice and not even possible on other operating systems ;), or c) make sure you're using Windows 8 because the Windows Store has a elegant solution for this scenario.

The policy for the Windows Store is that when you get an app (whether it's free or $999) you can install it on up to 5 PCs. The interesting thing is that those don't have to be your PCs. Here's the scoop…

  1. Have your wife log in to her PC (as her!) and go to the Store
  2. Pull out the Charms bar (I still love that gesture!) and hit Settings | Your account
  3. Hit Change user and log in with your Microsoft account
  4. Install your app
  5. Go back to Settings | Your account and hit Change user again to get your credentials out

This is a tremendous advantage to the Windows Store, and it's not even the only advantage Microsoft's platform has over the competition. If you want to see the details of Licensing apps, you can read this blog post.