What's New in Azure

Sometimes it's the most obvious things that are the easiest for me to miss. I can see being in a usability study with the folks that designed the new Azure portal and giving feedback like, "you know, this is great and all, but it would be really nice to get some visibility into what sort of functionality is getting added to this portal as it's added". I can see the designers ripping off their white lab coats in frustration, with clenched teeth and fists, muttering "it's right... there... and it's huge!"

Here it is...

Click on that, and you're going to get a blog essentially that enumerates all of the additions to this new version of the Azure portal as they happen. It's good visibility into this ever changing portal.

For instance,recently - on May 13 - we got the ability to create connectors in the logic apps designer. That's helpful. Thanks, Azure team.