Windows 8 Camp Content

I presented three sessions at the Windows 8 Camp in Redmond on May 11, 2012. The content is included below for your reference.

If you want to learn more about designing Windows 8 apps, be sure and attend the App Accelerator labs that are going to be on campus next Tues thru Thur. For more information, go to

Session 1 - Metro Design Language

A lot of the strength of Metro style applications on Windows 8 comes from the consistency of the design principles. It’s not enough for a developer to create an application that functions correctly. Applications should be designed to delight the user. You can find a lot of help at

The content that I delivered at the camp on May 11 was an abbreviated version. There's a longer version in video form as well. I also have another blog post on the subject.

Here’s the abbreviated slide deck that I delivered on May 11…

Slide deck [no longer available]

Session 2 - Using Visual Studio 11 and Blend to Create Metro Apps

The latest iteration of Visual Studio has a lot of love poured in. From a .NET framework with a 40% smaller install footprint and multi-threaded garbage collection… to the new await keyword in C#… to the much acclaimed WebAPI! But if you’re looking at developing Metro applications, then you’re going to love features like the new Metro app templates, the simulator, and the DOM explorer.

Just like Expression Blend was the visual designer for XAML UI components, now Blend is the designer for Metro style applications. Blend is revolutionary in that it lets you design while your app is actually executing. No more need for sample data or wondering what your app is going to look like live… it’s always live!

Slide deck

Session 3 – Developing Metro Apps Using JavaScript

In this session, we saw the basics of creating Metro applications using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. We added event handlers, controls, and navigation and we fetched local and remote data and used it to populate the default grid application. There’s also some basic data binding in there.

I think the code is fairly clean and concise, so hopefully it will help you come up to speed on app development. Good luck.

VS11 Solution: Metro App Development with JavaScript [no longer available]