Amazing News: Releasing All-in-One Code Framework KBs!

My heart is burst with excitement. I’d like to tell you a great news of All-in-One Code Framework! After two month’s efforts of both the PQO content team and All-in-One Code Framework team, the first series of KBs are shipped today!

The KB articles demonstrate new product features and frequently-used coding scenarios on the Microsoft platform, through downloadable sample packages available in three popular programming languages (VC#, VB.NET and VC++). Today’s publishment is an most important milestone in the process of KB evolution. It is as exciting as skydiving, as momentous as the discovery of America. We had behind us many, many months’ sweatful work . We have before us a magnificent panorama: both teams will next build up the formal collaboration model and promote more and more excellent samples to official KBs.

Jialiang Ge
All-in-One Code Framework Project Manager