Introducing the Release Development Status field, and other new features

Today was another deployment day for us. This release of the CodePlex software introduces some new, small features across the board, along with some general bug fixes.

Release Development Status

Release Development Status

Project coordinators can now label their releases in their development stages: Planning, Alpha, Beta or Stable, to help users decide which release best suits their needs. You may be thinking, “Can I search based on development status?” Yes, that would be a great feature to have.  =D Definitely stay tuned.

CodePlex Home Page

Recently Visited on CodePlex homepage

Recently visited projects are displayed on the CodePlex home page, in the right sidebar between Your Projects and Your Tags.

Project Directory Sort by Ratings

Project Directory sort by Ratings

One of the first questions I received after deploying the Ratings and Reviews feature asked about being able to sort by ratings. My response was, “Yes, that would be a great feature to have.”  =D  You can sort results in the Project Directory by ratings for the project.

Tag Cloud

The Tag cloud is expandable by clicking more tags from the CodePlex home page.

I’m curious how people like the new tag cloud, so please send me feedback. Previously we would show all possible tags in a very, very, very long list. I’m curious what people’s reactions are to this list.

Full Tag Cloud