Tech-Ed 2008 Demos

Last year my boss took a trip to sunny Orlando to present at Tech-Ed and to offer help and suggestions in the Technical Learning Center (TLC). This year I'm lucky enough to be attending with a couple of other folks (Habib and Tim) and since I'm not an official Speaker I'll be spending most of my time hanging out in the Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) demo station for Visual Studio 2008 Team System, Development Edition.

We've prepared a few demos covering things like:

  • Profiling using Instrumentation Mode on a Virtual PC image.
  • Collecting Allocation and Object Lifetime information.
  • Analyzing Performance Reports.
  • Using Code Analysis to improve your code.
  • Enabling Code Analysis Check-In Policies.

We're also looking forward to discussing your specific scenarios so if you're at Tech-Ed and interested in diagnostic tools and solving performance problems we'd love to chat with you.