Groove 2007 vs MOSS 2007 vs WSS 3.0 vs Communicator 2007 (Part 6)

This posts follows on from Post 5 and is part of a 6 part series of posts.


After reviewing Posts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 I have come to the conclusion that:

· Groove 2007 is suitable for short-term projects in which teams are small, have limited network connection or are geographically spread

· WSS 3.0 larger set of capabilities makes it suitable for longer-term projects in which the central management of information is important

· The unique capabilities of MOSS 2007 extend those provided by WSS 3.0, making it appropriate for larger projects where features such as BI is required

· Communicator 2007 is the most appropriate tool for real-time communications, including Web conferencing, IM and VoIP. It is also suited to scenarios in which users want to conduct IM sessions via mobile devices or share applications in real-time

The benefits of each collaborative technology can be leveraged further through cross product integration. For example, by using the SharePoint files tool in Groove 2007 it is possible to take the content managed in MOSS 2007 and make it available across organisational boundaries, or in situations with poor network connectivity.

I hope you have enjoyed the series of posts on Microsoft collaboration technologies and stay tuned for more useful info!

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