A major update to the Microsoft Transporter Suite was released on Monday, January 21st, 2008.

Earlier this week we released a major update to the Microsoft Transporter Suite (A set of tools that help customers migrate content into Exchange, SharePoint and Active Directory). The Microsoft Transporter Suite is now available for download (here)

What’s New?

This release focused on adding the ability to migrate mailboxes from Generic POP/IMAP servers and improving the overall quality of the previously released Domino migration tools.

New Features/Fixes in this release

o NEW: Transporter Suite for Internet Mailboxes (A whole new console and tools for migrating POP/IMAP Mailboxes)

§ Migration of mailbox content from generic servers through POP or IMAP to Exchange 2007

§ Preserves all messages and folder structures

§ Preserves rich content including formatting, message flags and even calendaring through iCAL

§ Exposed through GUI and a rich set of PowerShell tasks

o Updated: Domino migration tools

§  Improved support in the Console for large organizations

§ Enhanced troubleshooting through tracing, improved logging, and capturing of items that do not migrate

§ Improved application migration by preserving created/modified identities

§ Enhanced security of the Free/Busy connector

Screen Shots Of Internet Mailbox Migrations

Initial Screen

List of Mailboxes

(Notice the migration status feature to track mailboxes that have been migrated)


Mailbox Migration Wizard