Announcing Hosting Provider Licensing for Commerce Server

This week, we’d like to announce Hosting Provider Licensing for Commerce Server. Previously with Microsoft, many dozens of hosting providers have (and continue) to offer various solutions based on Commerce Server software using Microsoft’s Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). With our new program, we have developed a framework that will migrate both existing SPLA hosting providers and their customers seamlessly to as well as provide an extremely flexible and simple framework for a hosting provider to on-board new customers.

For the existing SPLA providers, we are happy to discuss blending your prior arrangements with Microsoft with our software and support (including our branded versions of previous Microsoft SKUs), for all of your existing accounts. After exhaustive research on our behalf, we decided this would be the fairest course of action given the significant varieties of SKUs and price points offered to various providers across regions and the commitments that may exist between a hosting provider and its customers.

For on-boarding new customers, we are offering a very simple and flexible structure that partners will find simple to use,but with the benefit of quarterly rather than monthly reporting and reconciliation

Licensing, as with our normal programs, is either Per Operating System Instance (real or virtual) or Per Processor socket (not per Core) if hosting using virtualization technologies.

All of our products are offered under this program for the duration of their published support lifecycles and all Patches and Upgrades will be included just as with our normal programs.

We are very excited about this extension of our licensing programs and look forward to welcoming Hosting Providers to the family.