Announcing the Commerce Server Evaluation Edition

For some time we have been exploring ways to further lower the barrier of entry into Commerce Server. And with today’s announcement, we have taken another step in that direction.

Commerce Server Evaluation Edition 10.1

For those looking to test-drive the product or start their development, we are offering a click-once, get-up-and-running quickly version of Commerce Server 10.1 running on SQL Server Express 2012 and Windows Server 2012 via an Amazon Machine Image in the Amazon Web Services Marketplace. This version of Commerce Server is limited to a single box deployment and is completely free, apart from the cost of the underlying Windows machine image. It is, of course, also restricted to non-production usage and does not come with any support except via posting at

About Our Partnership with Amazon

With today’s announcements, we are proud to announce ourselves as the first Windows Server 2012 ISV as a Standard Member in Amazon’s Technology Partner program. We are very proud to officially join the AWS community and be responsive to customer-demand, as we already have a number of customers and partners running Commerce Server workloads on AWS.

Going forward, we will be committed to both AWS and Azure – and look forward to offering similar offerings when Azure opens itself up to ISVs as part of their IaaS offering.

To Get Started

Please find the following links to help get going: