Creating BizTalk Applications that use Commerce Server Adapters

During the installation of the Commerce Server 2007 Adapters, the installer will deploy the Microsoft.CommerceServer.Adapter.GlobalPropertySchemas into the default BizTalk application. The CS Adapters use the GlobalPropertySchemas to write and read context values to the messages that are specific to the adapter.  After installation, you will be able to add the adapters through the BizTalk Administration console, then be able to use the adapters in your default BizTalk application. 

But what if you want to use the CS Adapters in a new BizTalk Application?

When creating a new BizTalk Application that will use the CS Adapters, you must move the Microsoft.CommerceServer.Adapter.GlobalPropertySchemas to the desired application.  You can do this by right-clicking on the schema and selecting "Move to Application..."  Without this, the CS Adapters will not function correctly in your new application.

For more information on the GlobalPropertySchemas and the context values that are populated, please refer to our product documentation.

Hope this helps!