Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Template Pack for SharePoint® 2010 is Now Available

The Commerce Server Product Unit is pleased to announce the release of our Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 Template Pack for SharePoint 2010.   
Commerce Server 2009 integrates with SharePoint 2010 through Commerce Services providing a robust platform for e-commerce with all the advanced web content and community capabilities of SharePoint 2010.  SharePoint hosts the presentation layer of the e-commerce Web site allowing business users to create and manage content. Commerce Server is the transactional engine for SharePoint empowering merchandisers and marketers to position and market products to online customers.  Beyond providing e-commerce engine capabilities to SharePoint Server, Commerce Server also augments SharePoint's abilities by adding advance targeting and personalization especially in high traffic scenarios.  
The Template Pack provides all fundamental e-commerce presentation components, as well as a full-featured shopping Web site using Microsoft SharePoint 2010 as the presentation host. The Template Pack includes a refreshed, contemporary skin for the default site (included with Commerce Server 2009) with a production quality design that can be quickly and easily customized to suit your needs. The contemporary site is designed for viewing in both desktop browsers and mobile devices (specifically Windows Mobile and iPhone devices).  The Template Pack also includes the source code for the associated 30 Web Parts and controls allowing customers to customize the out-of-the-box components to meet your immediate needs.  Note, Microsoft Commerce Server 2009 must be installed and configured before installing the Commerce Server 2009 Template Pack for SharePoint 2010.
Click here to download Template Pack.      

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