New Brand and Commerce Server 10 Preview is here

In our last blog post we promised you further news about our company and Commerce Server and here it is!

In order to complete our branding announcements, we’re delighted to formally announce to you that from this moment onwards, we are now called and the name Ascentium will only linger on as the branding for our legacy versions Commerce Server 2009 and 2009R2. The new branding has been under consideration and development for a number of months now – it’s been hard to keep it under wraps at time, but now we invite you to visit the all new

Initial reaction has been very positive we’re happy to report, including this blog post from Forrester analyst Peter Sheldon, which deals with both the SMITH rebranding of the agency and our new Commerce Server announcements.

But we’re happy to say that it doesn’t stop there! As promised, we are delighted to release a preview of Commerce Server 10 on time and starting our journey down the roadmap we’ve been delivering under NDA for almost a year now. That roadmap is also now publicly available on the website and we’ll be revising it periodically as we make progress along the milestones.

The whole team has been hard at work to bring this release to you and this is certainly my chance to publicly thank the whole development team for their dedication to the product and the future of eCommerce on the .NET platform. It’s going to be an exciting journey and we’re not short on ideas!

We’d still love to hear from you though. Please let us know what you think of the new brand, download the preview release and give it a try. We have plenty of places for you to interact with us now. The new website of course, on Twitter @commerceserver and now also on Facebook at

The final release of Commerce Server 10 is still bang on schedule for the week before Christmas and whilst it’s not exactly a stocking filler, we hope its arrival will at least be a gift for those that have believed in us through the transition from Microsoft and have provided us with incredible support.

We'll post again to announce the final release, but in the meantime on behalf of the entire team, we hope you enjoy the build up to the holiday season for those that celebrate it!