Support Options for Legacy Commerce Server Customers

With our mainstream support programs launched, we wanted to go back and provide some additional options for customers using older versions of Microsoft Commerce Server.

Right now, Commerce Server 2000 is unsupported. Commerce Server 2002 is in extended support through 2013 and Commerce Server 2007 is in extended support through 2016. Commerce Server 2009 and 2009 R2 from Microsoft are in mainstream support through 2014, and then extended support through 2019.

If a product is in extended support, it means that you will have to purchase an extended support contract from Microsoft, and then pay per fix – unless it’s a security issue. Depending upon your commercial relationship with Microsoft, this could be an expensive proposition. In addition, Microsoft is no longer testing these products for compatibility with updates to underlying versions of Windows, SQL, and .NET Framework.

As of now, we are announcing Premium Support for legacy versions of Commerce Server. This special offering includes:

  • 24x7x365 response for problem resolution
  • Monthly testing and reporting against underlying Microsoft platform updates and any breaking impacts to Commerce Server
  • Fixes – at your discretion – for any breaking impacts in Commerce Server based upon underlying Microsoft platform updates
  • Fixes for bugs in documented product functionality that you discover in Commerce Server

Pricing is tailored per customer requirements to minimize costs, but our offerings will typically be approximately 50% or less than standard Microsoft pricing for Extended Support contracts and hot fix fees.

We are providing this offering immediately for Commerce Server 2007, Commerce Server 2002 Feature Pack 1, and Commerce Server 2002 customers – and will bring Commerce Server 2000 online in the not too distant future.

Please enquire for further details!