Two New Commerce Server 2009 Videos Available

The Commerce Server Product Unit has produced a series of videos that provide a visual overview of the features and benefits of Commerce Server 2009 from both a business and end-user perspective

The first video, Create Engaging Online Shopping Experiences Using Commerce Server 2009,has been available at for a couple of weeks.

Two other videos are now available:

Introducing Commerce Server 2009 - This video introduces the core features of Commerce Server 2009 – including the new Multi-Channel Commerce Foundation, SharePoint Commerce Services and interoperability with the Microsoft ecosystem.

Commerce Server 2009: The Merchandiser/Marketing Experience - This video highlights how SharePoint Commerce Services and other core business management tools that come out of the box in Commerce Server 2009 offer a building-block approach within SharePoint to deliver contemporary e-commerce Web site functionality. These tools are designed to make it more convenient for business users, such as merchandisers and marketers, to perform product or campaign updates quickly and easily.

The video highlights the following capabilities:

  • Making modifications to product information using the Inline Product Property Editor e.g. a price adjustment
  • Using Catalog Manager to perform advanced product edits such as creating a new product category or changing the sequence of products in a specific category
  • Using Marketing Manager to set up a new campaign – including defining ads, discounts, and coupons.

A final video in the series highlighting the Site Designer experience with Commerce Server 2009 will be made available shortly. All of these Commerce Server 2009 marketing videos are available from the Try It section of