Configuring number of results in Catalog Manager search

In Catalog Manager, when you perform a search for a product, category, etc. by default the maximum number of results that will be returned is 500. You can alter the maximum number or results returned by making changes in the Catalog Web Service web.config file. In the web.config file you will find the notations on values for the property to change like this.


maxSearchResults: (Optional)
Potential values include 0 (No limit) and all positive integers 1-2147483647
Disable Authorization Manager authorization.
WARNING: Removing this value could allow very large search results to consume server resources.


You will edit the value in the section below. See bolded item.


<catalogWebService siteName="AutoNation2" authorizationPolicyPath="CatalogAuthorizationStore.xml" debugLevel="Production" maxChunkSize="1024" maxUploadFileSize="2048000" timeOutHours="24" enableInventorySystem="true" disableAuthorization="false" maxSearchResults="500" >
<cache enable="false" schemaTimeout="5" itemInformationCacheTimeout="5" itemHierarchyCacheTimeout="5" itemRelationshipsCacheTimeout="5" itemAssociationsCacheTimeout="5" catalogCollectionCacheTimeout="5"/>


One note on altering the value. The notation on what value can be entered indicates that you can set the value to 0 so that all results will be returned. This is not correct for Commerce Server 2009. If you set it to 0 then the web service will fail with an exception that the property being set to a value of 0 is invalid. You will need to set a value to a positive integer as noted in the notation.