ConfigMgrDogs Blog Shutting Down

Hi ConfigMgrDogs readers,

We're sad to announce the ConfigMgrDogs blog will be shutting down.

With the move to Microsoft Tech Communities, we've decided to post on other platforms and blogs rather than have a dedicated ConfigMgrDogs blog.

We'll continue to engage deeply with the technical community for Intune, Configuration Manager and Azure and hope you'll follow us to our new platforms.

Please follow us on Twitter (@ConfigMgrDogs) for the most frequent updates, the Intune Tech Community for formal Intune blog posts, and LinkedIn for informal posts (Matt, George, Ian).

All of our posts have been archived at and should be searchable via Bing and Google.

We've really loved posting technical content for the past six years, and we've appreciated all of the community engagement with the ConfigMgrDogs. We absolutely love running into ConfigMgr and Intune admins at conferences and events and hearing how a post or two have helped solve your problems.

We're sad the blog is going away, but plan to stay just as connected via Twitter.

So long.

Matt, George and Ian (AKA the ConfigMgrDogs)