Where the heck are my Android Web Apps?!


When I deploy web apps to Android devices they never show up in the Apps list. Where the heck are they!?


Intune Web Apps are basic URL shortcuts that are delivered to Intune managed devices. They’re great for dropping links on devices to your Intranet, your favourite SaaS web portal or that website that all of your users require day-to-day.


When you deploy a web app to an iOS device, the web app is displayed on the users home screen just like any iOS application.

Many people expect the same to be true for Android deployments. This isn’t the case. You’ll find the deployed web app from within the Intune Widget.

To view the web app, you’ll need to add the Intune Widget to your home screen.

Press and hold the background of your home screen until it allows you to edit the apps/wallpapers/etc. You’ll see a Widgets option. Press that icon.


Find the Company Portal widget


Select and hold the widget. You’ll be prompted to drop the widget onto your preferred home screen


Let it go in place, and you’ll now see your deployed Web Apps


Matt Shadbolt