Conor vs. PASS

It’s one of the most exciting weeks of the year to be a SQL Server junkie – PASS is this week in Seattle!

I’m giving a talk on the many details of Update queries.  It will cover the various operators and how they work, why the plan shapes look the way they do, where things like locks get taken in the plan, etc.  Implicit in this is that you can get a sense for how to tell when the system is doing the right thing/what you want and how to impact it, as updates are heavily influenced by schema design.

I am also co-presenting another talk with my colleague Boris on how the QP team troubleshoots problems we see from customers (before we resort to using internal-only information we see in the debugger).  Many of the problems we see can be identified and fixed on your own - we’ll show you how.

I also like PASS because I get to talk to lots of customers and learn what works (and what doesn’t work) in the product.  The product team uses this information to help plan future features, so please don’t be shy.  Please make sure to tell someone from Microsoft what you are doing with the product and how it can be improved to help you succeed.