The Windows Web App Gallery

From Joe Stagner:


We launched the Windows Web Application Gallery at MIX on 3/18 with 10 open source and community applications, including DotNetNuke, DasBlog, Umbraco and Subtext.

We are now experiencing thousands of application downloads per week!

Are you working on a community/open source application ?

Why don't you join the Web App Gallery?

To get started:

1. Review the Web App Gallery Principles to get a sense of how we keep a common baseline for user experience.

2. Create manifest files to add to your ZIP package at using the Application Packaging Guide.

3. Submit your application. (You’ll have to log in with a LiveID first.)

We’ll then check out your submission to see if it follows the Web App Gallery Principles.

Once it does, your application will be live to download in the Web App Gallery by Windows users!

Were is a a quick FAQ based on common questions:

Q. How do I learn more about the Web Application Gallery?

A. Check out the Gallery itself! Or you can read more in this Introducing the Web Application Gallery whitepaper.

Q. If my app goes into the Web Application Gallery, do Web Platform Installer users also get access to it?

A.  Yes, if you application is accepted in the Web Application Gallery, it gets added to an ATOM feed that is consumed by Web Platform Installer as well as participating hoster control panels that integrate with the feed. You can learn more in the Introducing the Web Platform Installer whitepaper.

Q. Can I host my project on CodePlex?

A. Yes, our other ASP.NET Gallery partners host on CodePlex today.

Q. Do I have to host my project on CodePlex?

A. No. According to our Principles, you should have a public URL for the latest stable release that is supported with best effort free customer support in forums.

Q. How long will it take to put together a Web App Gallery-enabled package?

A. We have had partners put together the Web Deployment Tool manifests in a weekend (evenings).

If you have any questions, you can post to the Web App Gallery forum.