Office 2013 Security Baselines for SCM are live


Pat Fetty recently blogged about the new SCM baselines for Office 2013 going live.

I opened up my local copy of SCM and imported the content:

Prompt to import Offce 2013 baselines

.cab and att files

The .cab file contains the security settings. The “att” file contains the attachments which are Word documents describing the security baseline settings.

You may get prompted at this point to accept the security details of the package. Inspect the certificates to make sure they are issued by Microsoft and are trusted by your computer.

User and Computer product-specific settings

There are user and computer settings, separated by individual Office programs or core Office settings.




Browsing these new settings looks like this:

SCM displaying Office 2013 settings

Once you export these settings into a GPO Backup and import them onto an existing blank GPO in your domain, you’ll want the ADMX/ADML files which relate to the Office 2013 settings. And you’ll probably want to save them into your PolicyDefinitions folder in SYSVOL:


Get theme here:

Office 2013 ADMX/ADML file download