Check out this wicked *FREE* book of Visual Studio Tips n' Tricks!

Maybe there is a free lunch after all! 

A book that I always have at arms reach on my desk is the C# Programmer's Cookbook, and now that is joined by a new book, Minh T. Nguyen's Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks

One of the challenges that our Office development team has faced is that as they load new features into Office, users are actually unaware that they are there, and one key objective of Office 2007 is to provide an revolutionary UI that puts all the power of all of the features back at users' fingertips. Well, I expect that we'll see some of those same innovations start to appear in future versions of Visual Studio, because each new version has brought a bunch of new capabilities and options, and even folk who use Visual Studio every day might not know some of those features, or how to use them. 

That's where Minh's book comes in for the meantime. Just browse through the well-structured table of contents to test how much of Visual Studio you actually know! Junior programmers on your team and you want to maximize their productivity with the tool? Give them a copy. New to Visual Studio 2005 and wondering where an option you may have relied on went? Again, Minh's table of contents will lead you right to it. But, best of all, the book covers all three editions of Visual Studio

No, actually what is best of all is that its free. Go download it at And while you are there, check out the rest of the goodness for .NET developers that the site has to offer.