Features, Features, Features!

Our first day in Silicon Valley was very producive.  We have a whole list of feature ideas as a result of watching customers use our product in their environment.  Here are some of the more realistic and interesting possibilities.  Please let me know if these would have value to you; and tell me why they add value.

  1. Being able to script the ASI setup CD, including moving the test system into the correct machine pool.
  2. Distributing a logo test pass across multiple controllers; rolling up results from multiple controllers into a single submission package.
  3. Ability to add NIC drivers to the setup CD (I think this one is a must as new NICs will be coming out all the time).
  4. Different formatting options from the setup CD; FAT, FAT32, etc.
  5. Create machine pools via script.
  6. Script copying jobs from a package onto multiple controllers.
  7. Restarting a job run when a new build of a driver becomes available.
  8. Controllerless manual execution of jobs; taking a job off your controller, to a lab without the DTM and executing it manually on a specific system.