I can't log on to the client

I've seen a number of people on the DTM support alias, dtmsupp@microsoft.com running into this problem lately.

  1. Install a clean OS on the client system.
  2. Install the DTM Client on that system.
  3. Run the Run First jobs.
  4. You cannot logon to the system because the only accounts displayed at the Logon screen are the accounts created by the Run First jobs.

First the workaround...

  1. On XP systems doing ctrl-alt-del twice will bring up the alternate logon screen so you can select the built-in admin account.
  2. Logon to the DTMLLUAdminUser account.  Password should be "TestPassword,1".
  3. Create a job that uses Net User to delete the accounts created by the Run First jobs.

What we're doing...

There was a DCR to add the functionality of the Run First jobs to client setup.  The benefit is that you will not have to manually run the jobs, the users, and other changes made by these jobs, will be created during client setup.  Included in that DCR is a change which enables the built-in Admin account on the Welcome screen.  You should see these changes in RC1.