I Love Start.com

Do the shortcomings of your homepage and the lack of responsiveness from the people who own the page get you down? Seven years ago I went to my first Microsoft company meeting. Company meetings were big dog and pony shows back then with every product team touting their newest features. MSN showed a bunch of stuff for the MSN homepage. One feature actually received spontaneous applause, not the obligatory applause that every feature announcement got. I applauded too because it addressed exactly the problem I had with the MSN home page. I went back to my office and waited for the feature to be deployed.

Today my wait is over. MSN still hasn’t implemented the feature on their homepage. However, for the last several weeks I’ve been using Start.com as my home page. Today they added the ability to manage your favorites (URLs) and the ability to roam your homepage via Passport. The ability to manage favorites on MSN is one of their best features. Start.com takes it a step further offering the ability to filter your favoriates based on your own key words. If you haven’t yet, go check out Start.com and all the other cool stuff in the MSN Sandbox. Perhaps the best part is the people running this project have a blog and are responding to their customers, not just in the blog but with features!


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