Please take a few minutes to complete the 2008 WLK Partner Survey

The Windows Logo Kit (WLK) team is asking for your participation in the annual WLK/DTM survey. The data collected in this survey last January was used extensively during 2007 to inform our decisions and direct our investments in the WLK. Please help us ensure we make the right investments in 2008 by taking a few moments to complete this quick survey.

In the 2007 survey you identified these items for us as top priorities.

1. Improved DTM stability and reliability.

2. One-click failure diagnosis.

3. Improved DTM test quality

4. User interface designed for logo testing

As a direct result of your feedback we delivered the following during 2007.

1. Enhanced setup experience with more robust setup engine.

2. Stability improvements in Studio and Client.

3. Enhancements to prevent missing jobs and jobs hanging in the scheduler.

4. Improved storage stress tests with more descriptive debugging/diagnostic output.

5. New log upload mechanism to guarantee log uploads.

6. Significantly improved engineering processes to ensure higher quality kits and better communication from the WLK team to the industry in the future.

7. Hundreds of bug fixes to address stability and reliability issues and improve test quality.

Also, in 2008 we will be releasing the first preview versions of the new logo centric user interface which will include features for enhanced failure diagnosis.

Link to survey:

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