Technology over product

One of the cardinal sins of product development is creating a product to take advantage of the latest wiz-bang technology and ending up with a product that is really cool and really technologically advanced but a product that nobody wants.  I just found a great example.  I was gifted a pair of tickets for Sunday's game between the Seahawks and the Rams.  I went to the Seahawks web site to see where the seats are.  Mostly I'm interested in knowing if I'll be under the roof or in the rain.  What I want is a simple seating diagram, like the Mariners have here.  What I got was this really cool 3-D rendering of the view of the stadium from my seat.  I am doing this at the UZ over broadband and it took at least five minutes and four pop-ups before I got there.  Now that I'm there I still don't know where my seats are!  I'd give you a link to the actual page I'm looking at but the pop-up offers no URL.  So, go here, click Find Seat, enter section 112 row I.