The best comment on the whole driver signing discussion

From Will Dean:

"The real tragedy of driver-related BSODs is that in many applications people should never have needed to write KM code at all, let alone the ghastly 50 lines of application code surrounded by 5000 lines of impossible PnP/Power boilerplate.

Hopefully WDF is going someway towards fixing this..."

I see a lot of poor opinions of Microsoft and a lot of anger in the discussion around driver signing.  I see a lot of accusations that Microsoft doesn't care or understand the issues for 3rd party vendors.  I wish you could be a fly on the wall in building 40.  I am part of regular discussions around how to make driver signing easier, how to make WHQL less onerous, how to make working with driver signing easier when developing drivers and how to provide good options for customers who need to use unsigned drivers.  I don't hear anyone who doesn't "get" the issues faced by 3rd parties or want to imporve the situation.  The work currently being done to move drivers out of kernel mode is the best hope for a huge improvement in this area.