Using ASI on a system without inbox NIC support

This question came across the internal ASI support alias recently.

Q: When using ASI to deploy the OS I have a problem with certain lab machines which all have a NIC for which no drivers exist in the OS.  Hence, after the OS is installed testing cannot be completed on the system.  I can install the driver manually, but that eliminates the automation.  Is there a way I can get ASI to install the driver?

A: Use the -adddriver switch.  This switch installs a driver exactly as though it were on the Windows CD.  Copy the driver to the partition with the safe OS.  Add to your ASI job "-adddriver [safe_os}:\driversDir."

Obviously they're using the DTM, which we call WTT internally, to automate the execution of the ASI commands.  [safe_os] is a parameter with the DTM.  I'm sure someone will run into this scenario soon.  If you do, please let me know how this solution works for you.