Getting ready for PDC

Next week starts the PDC, and I will be there. So if you know who I am stop by and say hello, and if you have any questions about VS Extensibility, Content Installer, VSTemplates, VS in general, or anything else, don’t hesitate to ask. I will be at Ask The Experts and a few other forums, so stop by and say hello.


I am going to try to blog while I am there, but it usually ends up getting quite busy (I was up until 3AM every day talking with people, waking up at 8AM), so I may not post every day. But I will try.


I am going to try two experiments this year. I got a really good price on a new video camera today (Sony Handycam DVD201), and I am going to try and do a few video blogs. Sharing my experience (or should that be eXPerience?) and some discussions with those I meet with you would be great. The only problem will be finding some server space, but I will figure something out…


The other experiment is that I created a new hotmail account, You can email me and add me to your MSN Messenger account, and when I am available I will try to send you an IM or mail letting you know where I am.